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Windows/Door rubbers used are either a wedge or a gasket rubber

Glazing Wedge Rubbers and Gasket Rubbers for Windows and Door Glass:

Glazing Wedge Rubbers:

Function: secure double-glazed glass units in place within window and door frames.

Material: typically made of EPDM rubber, providing durability and weather resistance.

Shape: triangular or wedge-shaped profile, designed to fit snugly into the glazing bead groove.

Dimensions: vary depending on the glass thickness and window/door profile.


Easy installation and replacement.

Create a tight seal, preventing air and water infiltration.

Improve energy efficiency.

Reduce noise levels.

Absorb vibrations.

Gasket Rubbers:

Function: provide a secondary seal around the perimeter of the glass unit, further enhancing weatherproofing and energy efficiency.

Material: typically made of EPDM rubber or PVC.

Shape: various profiles, including bulb, D-shaped, and E-shaped, depending on the application.

Dimensions: specific to the individual window/door system.

Wedges 3mm - 9mm used in commercial and domestic windows

Gaskets 3mm - 20mm doors and windows


Offer additional protection against drafts and water leaks.

Contribute to improved insulation and soundproofing.

Can be used in conjunction with glazing wedges for a more robust seal.

Additional Considerations:

Always choose the correct type and size of glazing wedge and gasket rubber for your specific window or door system.

Ensure the rubber is compatible with the materials of your windows/doors and glass unit.

Replace worn or damaged rubber seals promptly to maintain optimal performance.

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